Double-cut headless models designed for comfort, ergonomics, and maximum playability.

Prices start at $1989



I understand that headless guitars can look "goofy" or weird without the headstock, but there actually are benefits to this design. For starters, the vibrating section of the string spans nearly the full length of the instrument. This means less material to naturally damp the strings vibration resulting in more sustain and punch. Another benefit is balance. With no heavy tuning machines to contribute to the dreaded neck dive, the instrument stays in perfect playing position. This means less weight on your fretting hand which can free you up to do blistering arpeggio runs up and down the fretboard. Also, due to the smaller overall size of the instrument, traveling is a breeze. These guitars can fit into the overhead compartment of an airplane no problem!

Prices start at $1989.00